Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is It My Fault?

Last Monday I showed the August calendar to show how the temperatures for the month had been at or below average. Since then, every single day has been above average (see photo from last night). In fact, today we have a Heat Advisory! Did I curse us? I hope not!

Heat advisories are humorous in my opinion. If I tell you that it is going to be 96 degrees and the heat index will be 110, do you need me to "Advise" you that it will be hot? I don't think so... I still occasionally show a graphic of the entire Southeast which shows all of the heat warnings, watches, and advisories to show that we are not the only ones sweltering in the heat! Otherwise, I'll never show it on my forecast pages... That's just my opinion though...

Anywho, stay cool today. See yah again Monday morning! As always, feel free to email me at

PS- Checkout the HOT raccoon on the Nashville Weather Blog from WKRN at It's pretty funny!

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