Thursday, August 25, 2005

Having A Rough Morning...

This picture sums up the whole morning. I'm not sure why, but it looks bad... and that is how my morning has gone! Let me start... First off, before I left the house today I spotted a spider crawling across my floor. I HATE spiders really bad. While reaching down to kill the little booger, my wife creeps up behind me and scares me to death on accident. Keep in mind, she's usually asleep at this hour! ...Strike one.

When I get to work, I start working on this spectacular graphic I thought up last night. After spending 30 minutes or so on it, I save over it with another file and I have no time to make it again.... Strike two.

When the show starts, I can't speak for some reason. I flub numerous words throughout the show. At least I make some jokes about it... Strike three.

I realize I am "out" according to baseball, but the strikes continue. I go to use Tower Cam in my show and and it's not "tuned" in.... Snowy video with the forecast on it... Strike Four.
Did I mention we also have "Katrina" to deal with? ARGH!!! Anywho, I'm still smiling! In all seriousness now, we are watching Katrina closely, but I don't think this storm will be a big deal for us. It will be a little bit of a nuisance perhaps, but after Ivan and Dennis... Katrina is nothing! Florida will be happy when Katrina is gone though!

As always, feel free to email me at Speaking of email, one of you wanted a link that shows what all of the computer models think of Katrina.... Here it is, enjoy!

PS-Watch our NBC affiliate in Miami by CLICKING HERE for continuing coverage on Katrina's impacts on South Florida today! Nice coverage!

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