Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Walking On Sunshine?

I can still joke around with Katrina this morning, but in the next few days... Someone in the southeast may not be "Walking On Sunshine". For those that don't know, Katrina, from Katrina and the Waves drove the bus today on the Bus Stop Forecast. For those outside of the WSFA viewing area... someone drives the bus each morning. We've had over 200 drivers to date!

Anywho, Tropical Depression #12 formed into Tropical Storm Katrina shortly before I started typing this sentence. It is looking more and more likely that we will have to watch this storm carefully. As of now, I am still thinking this thing will go to our East. We'll get a better grasp on it in the next 48 hours or so. One thing is for sure, Southern Florida will see some HEAVY rain this week!

Contrary to what people think of us weather geeks, I don't want Katrina to become a hurricane... I would rather have 4 root canals and wisdom teeth taken out than to see another hurricane! Pray that this thing only materializes to "rain with a name". My in-laws on the beach can't take anymore storms after Ivan and Dennis. I'm sure there are many people that are in the same boat... That reminds me... it's "Weather Cliche' Day"... LOL

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