Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Think for a second...

Are you having a bad day? If so I want you to picture this.... Picture yourself telling your problems to someone along the coast of AL, MS, and LA. My wife and I thought about this last night and it really put a reality check on things.

I know a meteorologist who works at WWL in New Orleans. The past few days have been some of the worst and best in his life. I emailed him before the hurricane to tell him I was watching his great coverage via the internet and I didn't expect to hear back from him for days, weeks, or never.... But he emailed back yesterday. Here's where you hear WHY it has also been some of his best days:

We were lucky Ryan...very wife was due with our first child any day now and in fact, Jen had the baby at 3:20 AM Sunday morning...Connor Jacob Gumm...and all was well...we had planned on riding it out at the hospital but then I talked to a meteorolgist at the station and saw we had a 95% chance of being in the eyewall. I then decided I was going to take her and the baby to Nashville...But the head doctor said he had the potential for a very deadly health problem...some type of infection and needed to be monitored..and they did not want us to leave...I had an argument with doc and told her I was taking Mom and Baby and leaving...before that I loaded as much as I could up from the house and went back to the hospital...we finally were able to get out at the last minute...15 hours to Nashville but her sister and her husband left much earlier to get us and we met them in Laurel, MS. I had been up 38 hours and could not drive anymore so they both drove the cars to N. Alabama where we got a hotel for 4 hour nap...then we came into Nashville and had to go right to hospital for baby. But baby is said they were being overcautious there and Connor had no need to stay. We are all safe and sound now.Right now I am feeling like I did the right thing but I am so sad I can not be w/ everyone at WWL. I feel like I need to be back down there to help...I hear the bowl of New Orleans is filling up now...and they are going to Baton Rouge to broadcast...I may go back down there alone at some point...don't know when...but I would like to see if I can salvage anything from the house...which is located on the north shore about 3 miles from lake...there may be stuff we can save there.This is a strange mix of emotions now...but...I heard we were able to convince 80% of the population to many saved so many lives...Anyway, I want to eventually get in contact with WWL but not sure how at this point. The best way to reach me will be this email address since my cell phone is only making calls and not taking them now.

Hope all is well and thanks for writing,

Isn't it amazing that John ended the email with "Hope all is well" with me. I am not worthy of that statement after hearing his story. Very intense and emotional time for him and his family.

One last thought... I drove through the Holiday Inn parking lot this morning too see how many people we had from Louisiana and Mississippi....Judging by the car tags, we have a lot! We have a lot of people in our neighborhood that have lost everything. Be nice to these people... tell them you are praying for them... invite them to Church tonight or Sunday or for next several weeks. Who knows when they will be able to come home.

Take care everyone,

To watch WWL television LIVE via the internet, click below:

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