Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Very Sad...

Christopher Pierce, 4, stands in flood waters from the Escatawpa River near Moss Point, Miss., as he waited with his family for food from the Red Cross.-Sun Herald
As the video starts to come in this morning and the pictures from this disaster start to cover the newspapers, the reality of this tragedy is hard pressed on my mind. There are so many sad stories coming from the coast of AL, MS, and LA. Most of us are living comfortably this morning. We have a home to go to after work. We have hot food to eat. We have water, and most importantly we have our family. When I saw this picture I immediately thought about how bad it would be if my family and I were in this situation. I pray my boys never have to deal with anything like the little boy above is dealing with today. Stop what you are doing for just a second and imagine what these people doing right now. God Bless them all...
This is one of those times that we all need to help as much as we can. Maybe you can help financially, maybe you can help the local Red Cross pack supplies.... I'm not sure.... I know I feel like helping in some way. If you can help and want to know how... click below.
Our sister station was also hit hard in Biloxi, MS. All of the employees have been accounted for, but the station is heavily damaged and I'm sure many of their homes are damaged as well. Keep WLOX in your prayers as well.
As always, feel free to email me at rvaughan@wsfa.com
For LIVE streaming video via the internet, check our NBC affiliate WDSU by clicking here.

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