Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The morning got off to a rough start today. The computer program that runs the satellite receiver for our weather computers was shut off. This mean we had several hours of missing data. You may or may not have noticed on-air, but there were a few things missing this morning. Luckily, the company we use to get our data has a way for us to dialup some of the data that was missing. That took a good chunk of my normal preparation time. Oh well... life goes on. All-in-all it really has been a good morning with the exception of that! LOL

You may have heard that I am judging a Talent Show this Friday night. Is it fair to have someone with no talent... judge talent? LOL... I'll try my best! I have a feeling I'll be making some hard decisions. I'll be sure to bring the digital camera so that I can update the blog over the weekend. By the way, I often get email wondering how to find my blog on the weekends when the Today In Alabama page is "hidden". Well... you can also find it on the weather page too. Heck... make it your homepage. I'm joking of course!

Anywho, have a great day... Get ready for that little taste of fall tomorrow and Friday! I'm hoping to post some pictures of the kids tomorrow. We may have another "walker" soon.... Woaa Boy!


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