Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kid Update...

Every now and then I like to brag about my boys. This is the sight I found when I came into the oldest boy's room the other night. The youngest had been made a cowboy by his older brother! Needless to say... it was a Kodak moment! He's 9 months old now and it looks like he's going to take off on his own two feet pretty soon! The longest I have seen him stand without any support is about 2.7 seconds so far... Before you know it, he'll be chasing his brother.

I hope to show some video tonight or tomorrow morning of a cool science experiment. Some students are coming to visit the television station today and we're going to make a Mento's Fountain. More or less I am going to make a coke explode...LOL

Have a great day everyone! My day is going MUCH better so far... Of course it is only 5:45 am! Gotta go, we're still in the middle of the show!

Ryan Vaughan

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