Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Biloxi Update...

Our sister station is still rockin' and rollin' down there, despite having their roof torn off during Katrina and part of the building flooded with water. As you can see, they are a little more casual these days, but with no water or electricity in a good part of the area... I would be too! Heck, some of the employees do not even have homes to go to anymore!

We have a lot of folks here that were displaced from South Mississippi and we have folks that have family from down there. If you want a place to go for information and streaming video of South Mississippi go to their website at www.wlox.com . They are now updating the web continuously. For the first time last night, the storm team at WLOX were able to update their web page. Along with our sister-station KLTV, we have been updating the weather page for WLOX. To see them updating it was a surprise this morning and a sign that they are starting to get back on their feet. Way to go WLOX!

Continue praying for all the people affected by this storm.


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