Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Helping Our Sister Station...

WSFA has had people in the hard hit Biloxi area lately. Above is a picture of our sister station, WLOX, after the storm hit. Their roof was literally peeled back while they were covering the Hurricane Katrina. Several of the employees are without a home, but surprisingly...the station is still on the air. We are doing our part here at WSFA to help our friends in Biloxi during these hard times. We have rotated many of our people in and out of WLOX and they now have some of our equipment to use.

Our satellite truck, which we commonly use to cover these fierce storms from the coast, is in Biloxi to help them gather news. We also have a Jeep down there and our Chevy truck. What does this mean for WSFA? Well, not much really... For the time being, we will not have some of the LIVE shots we would typically need the SAT truck for, but we still have several "microwave" trucks to use in order to go LIVE from a large part of the WSFA viewing area. These are just MINOR setbacks in order to help WLOX. Our people are working a little harder to gather the same amount of news with less people and equipment, but it's worth it to help the company. I can't imagine working under the conditions that they are working under down in South Mississippi.

Will I get sent down to Biloxi??? I doubt it, but I'm helping the WLOX Storm TEAM by updating their website (www.wlox.com) from here at home. If they call me to go down there... I'd be more than happy to go so that they can help pickup their lives.

Anywho... I just thought I would give you a "behind the scenes" look at what is going on around here. Have a good day, enjoy the lower humidity!



Tech note- A satellite truck sends the signal from the truck, to a satellite in space, and back down to the television station. A microwave truck sends a signal directly from the truck to the television station. Therefore hills, mountains, trees, curvature of the Earth, and other obstructions can block the signal from a microwave truck. Satellite trucks can go LIVE from almost anywhere.

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