Monday, September 05, 2005

When to laugh...

I remember the first time I really laughed at something on the television after 9/11... Mayor Giuliani was on Saturday Night Live with producer Lorne Michaels asked "Can we be funny?" and Giuliani answered "Why start now?".... It was a simple joke, a 3 word bit, but one that broke the ice for the first broadcast of SNL following the 9/11 attacks.

I'm waiting for that moment now... When can we be funny? I don't really feel like being funny now on-air. I don't feel like being funny on the blog. But many of you may ask?... "Are you ever funny?" :)

Well, I hope that the numbers of casualties that are being tossed around are not reality. I heard that as many as 20,000 may be dead.... I sure hope not. We'll know in the next few weeks. That's a lot more than 9/11... very sad.

Come see us at Lowe's in Montgomery or Prattville on Wednesday as we raise money for the Red Cross... we'll be looking for you!


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