Thursday, September 22, 2005

Texas Storm Coverage...

Here are some links to more information from the Texas Coastline...

For LIVE streaming coverage of Hurricane Rita checkout our NBC affiliate and Liberty Corp. sister station in Lake Charles, LA by clicking below:
You can also checkout continuous coverage from our NBC affiliate:
For scanner traffic of the Houston Metro Area click the links below:
(will be offline today because of evacuations)
For scanner traffic from Hurricane Net click below:
One final note, I asked a fellow Meteorologist in Houston to give me her take on the storm from the perspective of a resident in the path of this storm and as a meteorologist. Here's what she had to say last night about this VERY dangerous hurricane!....
Just about a month ago, I was watching Hurricane Katrina developing,and holding my breath that it wouldn't come to Houston. Then after landfall we all watched the destruction that was left behind in the city, trying to put things in perspective and trying to imagine what it would have been like if Katrina hit our own cities. Unfortunately, I didn't have to wonder long. I sit here tonight watching half a dozen radar and satellite animations, all telling me that Rita will cause an immense amount of damage in and around where the storm eventually makes landfall. Houston is gearing up. As a meteorologist, I should have thought ahead a little more and gone shopping a day or too ago, but it's been busy, and I waited until this morning. I filled up on gas at 7am, finding a station without much of a line. 6 hours later, that station was out of gas. Gas stations all over the city are running out, and those that do have some, have waiting lines into the streets. I went to the store to get some supplies this morning, and found a lot of empty shelves. No flashlight/radio batteries anywhere, they'd been out for a couple days already. Bottled water was coming off the shelves faster then they were putting it on. I don't think there's a flashlight left in any store in the city. Though I haven't seen it first hand, the highways out of town have incredible backups. One report said it the travel time from the southeast side of town (nearest the coastline) into downtown was three hours! Did I mention this will be my first ever hurricane experience? I'm from the MidwestÂ…land of snow, and occasional severe weather. My first hurricane will definitely be a memorable one. However this storm plays out, it's sure to leave its mark in history.
Penny Zabel
That's quite a scary position to be in... If you have any questions about the storm, feel free to email me. We have been swamped with email, so I'll try my best to answer everyone...
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