Thursday, October 20, 2005

Great Roadtrip!

I had a nice little roadtrip today. Photojournalist and News Operations Manager Jeff Harrison and I went to Camden to visit Blackbelt Treasures. If you haven't heard or seen of this place, then I STRONGLY recommend you check it out! They have a website, but it really doesn't do the place justice... Seeing this art in person is much more amazing! If you want to visit their website, click here.

I went there to do a County Road 12 segment and left with several more stories to cover in the future. Tomorrow night's County Road 12 will just be an overview of the work there. I believe the better stories will be in the future when I sit down individually with the artists! By the way, the above picture is a piece done by Charlie Lucas from Selma (The Tin Man). Isn't it cool!

After we went to Camden, we went north to Selma where I spoke with a great group of third graders at Clark Elementary. They were very polite and intelligent young kids. As always, we had a little science experiment to do in the end. Instead of exploding something... we imploded something. Hopefully you'll catch the video Friday morning at about 6:40 or so.

Well I better get these boys ready for bed. It's Bunko night, which means guys night here! For those that don't know what Bunko it! Hopefully I'll blog sometime tomorrow... I guess I should mention Wilma shouldn't I???

Have a good night!

PS-Watch County Road 12 tomorrow night (Friday) at 6:00 pm!

PSS- I have added your WalMart comments below!

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