Thursday, October 20, 2005

Non-Weather Entry...

Do you like Walmart? I have a love-hate realtionship with the store. I have a feeling I am not the only one. Everyone says they hate Walmart, but they all go there!!! They are the biggest company in the world... SO, somebody is shopping there!

It seems like I am there everday. It's just so convenient. Where else can you buy motor oil, yarn, and lettuce all under one roof? It was a genius idea!

Last night I went with oldest son. We had two things to buy and we walked from one side of the store to the other side of the store looking for the shortest line... I f had just picked one and stayed with it, I would have been faster! The express lines should be 10 or less items and not 20 items or less! That's just my opinion though. Don't even get me started on people that have 50 items in the express line!!! ARGH!

Last night I also met a person that reads the blog while in line. Luckily she only had 3 items... she was following the express line rules. She thought for a moment that she picked up an item without a bar code. We found it though! I know she would have felt bad if they had to get a "price check". We had just talked about how crazy WalMart is sometimes! (espcecially when your 2 year old is running around all of the candy!)

My favorite thing about WalMart... you can buy some McDonald's fries when you swing by to pickup your milk! That rocks!!! Especially when you need a little snack before dinner!

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Thanks for the Blog mention, I am now the envy of all my friends!

Anyway, if I had thought about it, we should have cut to electronics, I was there earlier and NO ONE was there, and they have little candy. Oh well, lesson learned. Thanks for the props, I’ll keep secretly reading at work while snacking on Smartees!

Many thanks!

I left your name anonymous so that you don't get busted at work! ;) I might try the electronics depatment one day... who knows. I worked at K-Mart (which you said you hated in line yesterday :( ) for five years and I hated it when people came through the Garden Shop with a full buggy with no garden supplies. It really irritated me for some reason!

I happen to love going to Walmart. It does have it's draw backs, but I can wander around happily for some time. I think a successful trip requires a certain mind set and attitude. We all know the circumstances before we go, so why expect it to be different. Of course, I've reached an age and stage in life where rushing just doesn't get it anymore :)
However, I do wish we had more of those wonderfully helpful people featured in the TV commercials.

Eveything in my life is still rushed... I'm really lookigng forward to the "not-so-rushed" life!

Dear Ryan,
Just wanted to say hi. About Wal-mart, I have the same love-hate thing with wal-mart too. One of the things that gets me about wal-mart is they have all those check-out lines and every time I'm there (even at christmas) not even half of them are used. But like you said where else can you get everything you need under one roof. I love to read your blog everyday.

Tonya from Millbrook

Thanks Tonya! You bring up a good point... why are those lines not opened?

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