Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

So, was my costume a hit today? I had hoped to be several characters today, but decided on one. The stores are sold out of all the Halloween gear already! Therefore I went as the headless weather guy! This costume works well at work, but I will not try it tonight....
It's hard to breath, see, and speak when you have no head. It was nice to put my head back on for the next weather segment! I did sport the bright orange shirt today. It's not everyday that you can wear a bright orange shirt and bright orange tie. I thought it was kind of "hip"... but Tonya thought it was a little too bright. I'm thinking it was a little of both!

Is everyone geared up for Halloween? I'm a big fan of the day. I think it is because of the candy! Isn't it great to have leftover candy!!!

Here's something to chew on today...More and more people are not celebrating Halloween or they are calling it something different because of it's pagan history. I'm a little torn on this subject though... If you do your research, almost every holiday we celebrate has a pagan root to it. Go ahead and test me.... Google search any holiday you want and put "pagan history" on the other end of it... some of the stuff you will find may surprise you. If we boycott one holiday because it has pagan ties, should we boycott all holidays??? I'm not sure... I'm still tricking and treating tonight, but I wanted to give you something to think about when you're are bored at work or at home today! LOL

Take care everyone and have a great Halloween, or Fall Festival, or whatever you call it these days!

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