Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'M LATE!!!!!

Ok, so I got to work about an hour late today.... I didn't even set the alarm clock last night! ARRRGH! I made it here though and slapped a show together for you... could you tell? I hope not... Anywho, A lot of folks have been asking, "when will see some rain?". Well, we should see some rain next Tuesday Night into Wednesday. I hope this pans out because I want the Nationwide Tour Golf Tournament to be dry and I want Halloween to be dry. As of now, It looks like we will luck out.

One last thing for the ladies. We went shopping yesterday and mMy wife has a complaint to all clothes designers out there... Why the heck are "petite" pants still too LONG! I guess petite to New York designers is 5'8". And another note to those in the retail business... If I ever go home with a security tag on my clothes again... I"M GOING TO SNAP!!!! You've been warned!!!

Well, eveyone have great day... Hopefully you were able to find your ice scraper this morning. Can you believe we had frost this early in the season!?!?! Wow!

Take Care,

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