Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who's Gonna Be Right...

The contest is on this afternoon. Gerber took afternoon and evening clouds out of the forecast on the noon show. Who will be right??? ... Who will be wrong??? Who will have "weather-geek" bragging rights tomorrow?

I already see clouds in the Wiregrass and the clouds to the northwest are quickly moving in! The picture above is a Satellite image from 12:30pm. I think the National Weather Service also went cloud free.

When I mentioned the clouds drifting in later today, I said it would be a "mix" of sun and clouds. So when these clouds do arrive (if I'm right), it will not be an overcast.... just partly cloudy. It's still fun to have a little competition. Most folks don't care if it will be sunny or partly sunny, but I like to bug Gerber... so hopefully we see a few clouds roll in late today.

The reason I think we'll see a few clouds this evening is because of a little disturbance or wrinkle in the atmosphere (upper-level trough) that is moving through the South over the next 18 hours. I showed this impulse on one of my "weather nerd" maps this morning. This disturbance should be just enough to help prevent some frost tomorrow morning as I think we'll see a little more wind and few more clouds... We'll see what happens, but when you see a few clouds make for a gorgeous sunset this evening, you can bet I'll be calling Gerber at home! HaHa

Take care everyone!


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