Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks 1913-2005

I'm ashamed to say that I learned more about Rosa Parks this morning on our morning show than I have learned in my entire life. Do I blame my school teachers, my parents, society, or myself? I'd have to say myself. Why have I lived in Montgomery for a few years now, yet have never gone to the Rosa Parks Museum and Library? Why have I never talked with Arlam Carr, who works at WSFA, about the history of Mrs. Parks and the Carr family? Sure, I have studied Civil Rights from time to time and I have talked to Arlam about the desegregation of schools, but I feel like I have done myself an injustice by not knowing more...

I think today is a good day to remember that the Bible says to love all people. I'm sure that is something we all are guilty of not doing...


PS- Much of this post was deleted because I "went off" about how racist all of us still are today. "Us" meaning the entire human race.

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