Monday, October 03, 2005

Split State...

This is one of my favorite graphics to show on-air. I only show it about once a month, mainly because I don't want you to get sick of it! It shows the soil moisture index. You can obviously tell the the eastern half of the state has not seen as much rain as the western half. Do you know why? Well, the western side of the state saw more rain from Katrina and Rita. That's why many of the farmers over there are wanting to dry out a little. I'm not a farmer, but I always like to know how the weather is affecting farming. You may have heard me ask on-air for an emailed update from those involved in agriculture.

Here is one from last week, after the rain moved through parts of the area:

Good morning to ya! I meant to email you yesterday, but was so busy here at work, I didn't have the opportunity. The rain has been wonderful for farmers!! The peanut farmers needed the moisture to be able to start digging peanuts and the cotton farmers in west AL were caught up with what they had defaulted already, so it hit them just right as willow corn has already been harvested, therefore it doesn't really apply to corn, but there are a few late straggler fields that farmers are still trying to get in. All the grass needed the rain as everyone knows,therefore the hay fields for this lay cutting are looking better. My husband and I are actually going to lay about 80 acres on the ground this Thursday, so this good slow soaking shower was good for the grass!=) The cattle are loving the fresh green vegetation, as well as the horses, goats, sheep and any other 4 legged critter I've left out.Grass was becoming scarce because of the dry weather, so the rain rejuvenated the greenery for us all! If you have any other questions just let me know.

Have a wonderful day!
Wendy S.

Keep the email coming... I love to know what is going on out there! It looks like we could get some more rain on Thursday. Stay tuned!


PS- I never got any pictures emailed to me from the Prattville Talent Show... Hopefully some will come in, so that I can share them on the blog! By the way, my Titans lost again yesterday! ArGh!!!!

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