Sunday, November 20, 2005

And Auburn Wins...

It's been few days since I updated the blog, mainly because I have spent a good part of my time in Auburn. Thursday, Gerber did weather so that I could go do a story about the eagles practicing at Jordan-Hare Stadium... it was quite a site! Now the game is over and people have bragging rights! In fact, my neighbor is letting the entire neighborhood know who he and his family were cheering for!
After cutting the grass in the shape of an AU, he added a little orange and blue to make it have some flare. I told him if that his artwork prevents my house from selling, then he's going to pay!!! LOL

Maybe all of the rain that we are going to get over the next few days will wash it away. Actually, I think it is hilarious... especially when Alabama fans drive by. I love the AU/UA rivalry. It has to be the most intense in the country!

Well, until tomorrow... Have a great Sunday!


PS- For those of you wondering... yes, that is Officer Martin of the Prattville PD!

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