Thursday, November 03, 2005


This weekend my brother-in-law deploys to Iraq. I have so many emotions that are running through my head right now. Part of me has this awesome and overwhelming sense of pride and patriotism that someone close to me is going to defend freedom. Another part of me has this anger because he has only been back in the United States for less than a year. Then I have this sadness... sadness for him... his wife... his daughter... and his baby that is due in just a few months. I can't imagine being away from my family for a year. I get tore up when we are apart for a week... let alone a year. His daughter (my niece) is cutest little girl on Earth too!

I'm proud of Tony. We've been friends since high school and I have never been more proud of the guy. He's got a passion now. A passion for his country, a passion for his family, and a passion for God.

I'm so glad that I was with him at Promise Keepers in Knoxville, TN... on the University of Tennessee campus when he accepted Christ. It was cool... it was really, really cool.

The reality that he is going into a combat zone really hasn't sunk in yet... I'm more upset about the fact that he is going to be gone for year... not that he may get hurt. We always have to be prepared for whatever lies ahead, but I feel comfortable because I know a lot of folks are praying for him.

If you are reading this Tony... I love yah man. Your making us proud..... Hoorah!

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