Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Set Your VCR, DVR, or TiVO!!!

You'll want to tune in tomorrow morning when Aubie will take over my job! That's right Aubie will take over the show tomorrow and with that dude around... you just don't know what will happen! Hopefully we at least keep him contained during the serious news of the morning!

Are any of you sick of the warm weather? I am... In fact, I wish we would get a little snow this year. I know chances are slim, but it's nice to dream about. Every now and then I miss the snow that I use to get when I lived in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I can remember a great live broadcast that I did in Arkansas a few weeks before I moved here... We had 8 inches of snow and I was making snow angels on the side of the highway! That's fun stuff folks! As much as I miss snow... my wife misses it even more. Who knows, maybe we'll luck out and see some snow this year. I sure hope so!

Anywho, take care everyone and thanks for the emails of support for my brother-in-law. I suppose he is in Kuwait or Iraq by now. He said we will likely not hear from him for a month or so, so I'll give everyone an update one day.

Have a great Tuesday!

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