Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We're In November Now!

Did you know that in Alabama's recent history, there have been more tornadoes in the month of November than in any month of the year! Everyone tends to focus only on the Spring months, BUT November is the month we really need to watch. Since 1950, there have been over 200 tornadoes in the month of November! This is slightly higher than March, April, and May!

Make sure you have the batteries checked in your weather radio. Make sure you and your kids know what to do in the event of a tornado emergency. If you don't have a plan... make one tonight at the dinner table!

When I think of November tornadoes now, all I can think of is the Autaugaville tornado from last year. I was running radar, while Gerber and GillyCam chased it. They were right behind the storm, but never saw it because it was still dark. If you remember... the tornado hit just before sunrise. Looking at radar that morning, I KNEW we had a tornado on the ground. The composite wind shear was maxing out. When the wire report came down that 15 homes had been destroyed... I almost got emotional. That was the point when the geeky science stuff became the reality of people's lives being affected....

I surveyed Clark's Landing later that afternoon and had a guy tell me that I was almost the last voice he heard that morning. Once again it was an emotional moment.... After all, it was the day before Thanksgiving. After hearing all of the people thank us for our coverage, I really became proud of what we do here at WSFA. Most of the time I'm a goofy nut that talks about sunshine, BUT every now and then, God gives me the opportunity to help protect people... Man, that really feels good!

Let's talk about something good before I sign off! Fall colors!!! We really don't get the "Real" look at Fall down here in the Deep South, but many of us travel to get the full flavor of Autumn. If you have an itch to head north, the northern part of Alabama is getting pretty colorful! I suggest you put a little more gas in the tank and head to East Tennessee though (TN boy here!). Nothing beats a weekend trip to Gatlinburg this time of the year! I'm doing the opposite this weekend... I'm going to the IRONMAN down at Panama City Beach.

Have a great day!


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