Thursday, December 22, 2005

Customer Service

Last night we had one of the worst restaurant experiences ever! I'm not going to say any names because I'm not that harsh... BUT if you eat out in Prattville often, I'm sure you have had an experience at this place before.

Here are the problems:

-Rude Hostess!

-Asked for crackers for the kids three times. We had to ask a couple of people. Some said they'll get them (and didn't) OR would say that our server would get them (and didn't).

-Food took an hour and when it came out only 2/6 of us got our food at first. The kids didn't get their Grilled Cheese first. Do any of you know how hungry two boys are at 7:30 at night???

-Didn't get Silverware- let me elaborate... Asked three times, last time I had to get up and ask the manager! When another waitress came over, she said "We are out of silverware". WHAT!!! Finally our waiter brings unwrapped silverware to us. We asked if it's clean and he responds, "Yeah, but their may be a few soap stains"... WHAT!!!

I asked the manager to come to our table and I asked him why this one of my worst experiences EVER at dinner. He asked what he could do to make it better and I told him that "I'm not the manager, and that he needs to answer that question"....

We got our food free and that is the ONLY reason I am not posting their name on here. Once again, this isn't the first time we have had problems with this restaurant... It also has a weird rumbling sound that will drive you insane! I guess it's the heater or something! Anywho...

Here's an email from one of you about your customer service experiences:

My mother-in-law bought my 8 year old something from K-Mart that had to be returned and of course I didn’t have the receipt. K-Mart (Prattville) has a VERY STRICT return policy and I had misunderstood what the clerk had told me about exchanging the items. Anyway, after two trips to find items with the exact value for an even exchange, the clerk looked me in the eye and asked me very rudely if I was deaf. I was so shocked that I asked her if I was on hidden camera and was this was a joke. I’ve had several small encounters at other stores but this is the one that I will remember for a while.

Here are a couple of emails that I got after the original post... Very interesting!...


I know what ya’ mean about the customer service in that particular restaurant last night. (I saw ya’ there). Our service really stunk too! Our waitress wasn’t very friendly and when we FINALLY got our food, it was cold! I think they need new management!


P.S. I think they need a new dishwasher also. One time before, they didn’t have any silverware clean. They gave us plastic silverware to eat with. It would have been fine, if I hadn’t ordered steak!
Email #2
My wife and I saw you last night at _________ in P'Ville. We have experienced similar problems with silverware; just two weeks ago when they handed out plastic forks to customers and we witnessed customers offering each other knives, etc. that they had not used.

A deceptive practice that I have complained about is their different sizes of cocktails. They offer a regular and a mucho sized alcoholic beverage. We dined there once and a friend ordered a mucho drink, which came in a Goblet type glass. She wanted another, but the second drink she ordered was a regular, which came in a tall glass. I immediately noticed that the mucho glass didn't seem to be larger. So, we poured the regular sized drink in the mucho glass and to our amazement the glasses hold the same amount. The shape of the glasses give the illusion of small and large when in fact they are the same size. We now have a standing joke that when we go to ___________ I always ask the person helping us: "just how many more ounces larger is the mucho than the regular?" They have said, "oh, much bigger" or "I don't know", or "a good bit bigger". I have complained to the manager in person and I have called and complained. The mucho is about $2 more than the regular drink even though they are the same size. I this this is a National ________ problem and not just Prattville.
This doesn't look like an isolated incident!!!

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