Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pictures From Yesterday

Well it was a busy day across the state yesterday. I wanted to share some pictures with you that I found on the "Talk Weather" message board that you access on the left side of my blog. These pictures are from storm chase Brett Adair. I'll post the picture and then the quote he put for each picture. Thanks for the pictures Brett! Dangerous stuff...

I got up HWY-21 N as the first storm cell was crossing over Vincent about to cross the county line. There were frequent CG bolts coming out of the base of this storm. On radar, from what I understand this storm had a meso at the time and this was apparently a small area of rotation. -Brett Adair

After that cell and talking with Bill Murray (ABC 33/40), I decided to head to the storm that was really becoming a mammoth with a three body scatter spike down in Coosa. I would intercept this bad boy on HWY 280 south at the HWY 9 intersection. - Brett Adair

Then some beautiful structure of storms further N and E. - Brett Adair

This fell right in front of me and covered the ground. Some stones were of baseball sized as there were windshields broken out ahead of me by about a mile. I stayed behind this one since I enjoyed my crack from the earlier storm. - Brett Adair

Covering the ground at least marble size. - Brett Adair

Here is what I ended up with at the end of the day... (busted windshield) - Brett Adair

Thanks again Brett! Everyone else, enjoy the nicer weather!


...12 Days to go

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