Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stormy For Some...

Today was one of the days that I really was on the fence, trying to decide how intense the storms will be today. Think of making a cake...You have all the ingredients, except you only have half of the of milk that you need... Sure, you can make the cake... and it may even taste like a cake, but it isn't everything you need for a cake.

We have all of the ingredients for strong storms today, BUT we are lacking just a little bit of moisture. We haven't quite tapped into the deeper moisture to our South. With that said, our dewpoint just came up to 56 as I typed this.... I look for at least 55 on the dewpoint to see some strong storms. Hmmm... I'm scratching my head some more now! I at least think that SE Alabama will see some strong storms. The ingredients seem to be coming together better down there. We'll see what happens... If you missed my forecast this morning, click here.... and look under featured videos.

Have a great Wednesday!

...13 days to go

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