Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here Comes The Rain!

This past Thursday I was hanging out with many of the Firemen of Trumann and they all wanted to know if the rain would hold off enough to get some duck hunting in today. It looks like it held off for most folks until the afternoon. It's 1:00 pm right now and the leading edge of the big wall of rain is about into Batesville. From now until morning it looks rather wet across Region 8.

Don't forget you can always access Storm TARGET Doppler on the left side of my blog. How many of you are first time blog readers? Email me a little line... Are there any folks out there that blog too? I'd like to hear from you too. If your blog is at least PG-13, I might add it to my Blog Roll Call on the left side of the page.

Back to the rain... The Storm Prediction Center does have some of the area flagged for the possiblity of strong storms, but the threat is VERY low. I'll be monitoring it closely from the house while I work on my "honey-do" list and Ron will be watching closely from the Storm Center. We'll keep you posted! There are a couple of river flood warnings for the Cache River. That's not too surprising though, is it? Here's the link to those warnings... Click here.

Take care and have a Great Saturday!

PS- If you have any digital pictures from today's duck hunt, email them to me. I'd love to share them on the bLoG!

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