Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Move...

I never got to talk about the actual move itself yet... so here we go. Last Tuesday was my last day at WSFA and I left shortly after Today In Alabama. Rob handled the cut-ins for the rest of the morning. I had to leave early because the folks from United were packing our house at 8:30 am. It was sad to leave my friends at WSFA. Many of them I didn't get to see, since I left so early, but I had said some goodbyes on Monday already. We really had a great group on Today In Alabama. I'm not just talking about the faces you see on TV either. There are a lot folks behind the scenes too. They are what make the show rock! I'll really miss all of them too.

It was weird to see my entire house packed within a few hours. I leave for work and all my stuff is unpacked and by lunchtime... it's packed. Not too shabby. This was the first time we had someone pack and move us, and I will never do it any other way!

Tuesday night was fun, but even more sad. Each week, Jennifer, the boys, and I go out to eat with three other families. Tuesday night was our last night to go out to eat with them for a long time. We had a great time at Ruby Tuesday that night. It was a much better experience than the time we went to Applebees! (I let it slip!) Everyone knows how emotional I can be... but I didn't cry... at least not in front of them! I'm not stressing it though... we'll all be visiting each other in the future...

We stayed at the Legends that night because all of our stuff was already packed at home. We got up the next morning and watched the Post-Vaughanski Era of Today In Alabama as we got ready. We then went to the house and watched everything get loaded onto the truck. When we first arrived some of the neighbors from around the corner were there to wish us well on our trip. This couple walked our neighborhood everyday and always gave the boys some candy as they went past our house. They were some of the nicest people in Prattville... We also had my cop-neighbor come by to wish us well. It was always nice to have a cop live next door, but it was also good to have someone to joke around with... All of my neighbors were good people. Hopefully my new neighbors are as good as them. So far, I haven't met any of them.

Anywho, it only took a couple of hours to load the house. Before you know it, the house was empty. There we were in an empty room, thinking of all the memories we had in the first house we ever bought. Isn't it weird how attached we get to things....

Well, I have rambled way too long and Jennifer is ready to go look at some new furniture. More to come later! Once again, I have been reading all of your emails, but there are so many! You guys are the best... I'm going to print these and post them in my office for when I have a bad day!


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