Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Stress Is On...

Why does moving have to be stressful? You have to make sure the loan is ok, you have to close on your existing house, you have to close on your new house, you have to make sure your new house is completed, you can't close until it's completed, you find fees you didn't expect to pay, you have to turn off all of your utilities, you have to turn on your new utilities, you have to find who to call for your new utilities, you have to pay "hookup" fees that are overpriced and don't really "go" to anything, you have to make sure the movers are coming on the right date, you have to make hotel reservations because your packers pack you the day before the move, you have to keep the kids out of the stuff, you have to unassemble things that were a pain to assemble in the first place and reassemble them a week later, you have to change you address, you have to calculate your meals carefully so that you are not throwing away food in a week, you have still work during the move, and the worse thing of all... you have to say bye to friends that you have grown close to. With all that said, I'm still excited about the next couple of weeks in our life. It will calm down in a couple of weeks and we'll still see our friends...

Take care,

...6 more days, bookmark before it is taken off the WSFA website.

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