Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let's Get This Straight...

I know it is going to be warm today and tomorrow, but this weekend we may see every type of winter weather element! Before the weekend gets here I want to make sure everyone knows what each thing is...

Freezing Rain: Freezing Rain falls as a liquid and freezes on contact. It falls as rain because the air is warmer above us and it does not have time to freeze until it hits the ground. The temperature at the surface is at or below freezing.

Sleet: Sleet is similar, BUT the water DOES have time to freeze and it falls as little pieces of ice. It does not glaze over like freezing rain... it accumulates.

Snow: Snow has a full column of air that is at or below freezing and falls as snowfall. It can also snow when it is above freezing at the surface if there is only a shallow layer of above freezing temperatures right at the surface.

The above graphic should help you understand this setup a little better. It all depends on how "thick" the layer of cold air is above our head! It's a tricky forecast! Hopefully I get blessed with the mind to get it right.... Who knows... it may all be rain OR it may be nothing! I'm off to go look at the latest data...

Take care,

PS- I got cookies for Valentines Day from my family! YUM!

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