Monday, February 13, 2006

Brother-In-Law Update

Many of you that have read the blog for a long time know that my brother-in-law is in Iraq. For those that are new to the blog you can click here and look at my entry from last November.

We got some pictures sent to us last week. Above is a picture of Tony and his friend Brook. You can clearly see that they are near Tony's bunk because of the "Titans" blanket hanging in the background!

It seems that everything is going well so far. They have had a couple of encounters with the freaks over there, but they are safe. We're now counting the days until he gets to come home for a couple of weeks for the birth of his 2nd baby girl. Before we know it, he'll be home to stay for longer than two weeks and maybe it will be home for good! When he gets home, I hope that both of our families can go to Disneyland or something.

For those that have been praying for him and the rest of troops... I thank you, and ask for you to continue.

Take Care,

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