Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's That I See????

Once again, the good ole computer models are showing "snow" later this week. Do I believe it? Nope, not really. This computer model (GFS) has been really screwy lately. If you look at another model (NAM), it keeps all the moisture South of us. Who knows, after a better analysis this afternoon I might put it in the forecast, but as of 11:59 am... I'm not completly sold on this!

IF this happens (image above), we would get 2-3" of snow by Friday night... Some of you may want to get excited at that thought, but only time will tell if it becomes reality. Once again, this is not my official forecast... It's just a computer model to get you snow lovers excited!

Take care!

PS- I have a little "mix" falling from the sky right now. Poplar Bluff had heavy snow reported earlier! It doesn't look like it added up to much though if you look at this webcam by clicking here.

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