Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Storms Today, But...

The Wood Ford StormTracker wasn't chasing down storms today, but it did make quite a stir at Success School here in Jonesboro! As you can see, the kids were looking all through the truck... checking out the sirens...the lights... the computer...and all the other little toys that go along with it! While we were inside, we did a little science experiment to get the kids excited about science. It's one of my favorites and I do this experiment at a lot of the schools that I visit. It's the "imploding" coke can!
I start by putting some water in the bottom of an empty coke can. I put just enough water to fill the bottom... About a table spoon or so. I put it on the heater so that I can replace the air inside the can with water vapor...

Once I boil the water for a minute or so and allow the can to fill up with water vapor... I turn the can upside down and drop it in some cold water. The water vapor condenses back to liquid water and because liquid water takes up less space, a void is created.

Therefore, the can has no choice but to "implode" on itself! Sure it is simple, but I love the sound an imploding can makes! If I ever come and visit a your kids' school, there is a high chance that I will do this little trick!

I had a great time visiting with the teachers and kids at Success School and I believe I will be going back there in a few days to talk with the younger kids.

Do any of you have some cool science experiments in mind? If so, drop me an email!

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PS- I always test my experiments with my kids first. If they like it, then I take the ideas to school with me!

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