Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Got To Have Thick Skin...

Several years ago, a lady I interned with at WKRN warned me that I have to have thick skin in this business because there will always be a handful of people that will have some "not-so-nice" things to say about my weathercasts. Well, I am fine with that. One thing that bothers me though is when people don't hear the forecast correctly and then they make comments. That is what bothers me a little, but I still don't let it get me down! Here's the email I got this afternoon and my response....

48--Not to shabby, you are 100% wrong -like always-how about 39 and ucky--where do you get your weather report? out of a Cracker Jax box. Tomorrow 60 and nice-yea-I will believe it when I see it.
(no name signed, so I guessed... using his email address to respond)

My response:
First off, thanks for email. Today's Forecast was "A few showers", "Not Too Cool" and 48. I did expect the rain to be gone by lunchtime and I did expect the temperature to go to 48. So far, we have only made it to 43. I believe my crew has been extremely accurate, especially in the past two weeks with two winter storms. We nailed both Winter Storms 4-5 days out. With that said, I'm sorry that we were 5 degrees off today. We'll try harder. I have a saying that is very true:

"We give the forecast and God laughs"... He doesn't always agree with us weather guys...

By the way, the "Not Too Shabby" text was on the map was for Thursday(tomorrow). I still think Thursday will be "Not Too Shabby"... In fact I think it will be gorgeous! Get out and enjoy! In the future, I'll try to make the maps more understandable.

Have a great evening,

You can't win them all I suppose. Have a great Wednesday Evening!


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