Monday, March 13, 2006

Great Kids!

Now that we do not have any storms to deal with, let's talk about the great future that is ahead for our kids! I have had the great opportunity to speak with two groups over the past few days. The first group was Ridgefield Christian's 5th graders. They were a VERY polite bunch of kids and were really excited about the weather! It was a windy day as we checked out the Wood Ford StormTRACKER...

Today I went to Green County Tech to Mrs. Stallings' class and really had a good time as well. These kids have been studying eXtreme weather and really knew a lot! Mrs. Stallings also had a very polite group of kids and it seemed like they had a good time... especially when I pulled out the hair dryer to demonstrate Bernoulli's principle! Here are some pictures from this morning!

If you ever have any doubts about the future, go checkout some of these bright kids. They are some of the best around!

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