Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Mall...

As you may have seen a time or two (or million times) on our newscasts (see above), the new mall has officially opened! A small part of me thinks that we are making too big of a deal about the mall, but when I think about ALL of the tax dollars that are staying here in Jonesboro instead of going to Memphis, I realize how big this is for Jonesboro.

My wife, boys, and I went to the mall today and I must say that I was impressed. I think they could have used an extra week to work on it, but overall... Great job. I was a little let down that many of the stores were not open, especially in the food court. The only places to eat in the food court were SubWay and Chinese Food. Both of those places are not exactly "kid friendly", but I'm sure more restaurants are coming soon.

My Local Sales Manager said that the restaurants are usually the last places built in a mall. Who knew?

Overall, I give the mall an A-, but when they add some more restaurants... they will easily bring the grade up!

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