Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Respond...

Here's an email in response to my post from yesterday about kids not doing their homework:

Thank you for bringing attention to a societal problem that has transcended generations! May you never know the anxiety of a mysterious "stomachache" at 7:00 p.m. on a Sunday evening to learn that a bug project is due, and spend hours praying for more than a common cockroach to cross your path. Then again, you may miss the joy of the heavenly monarch landing at 1:00 a.m. in the nick of time. Lest we forget, the Indian project ("Pocahantas" type, as opposed to the dot on the forehead) and by some Divine Intervention, gray fake fur is at your house, and your use that, some old cardboard box, a strap from an old purse, and a cabbage patch doll for a papoose.

As huge an issue it seems, you will one day understand that those times that pertinent information has not been shared in a timely manner can be some of the most precious times for children and their parents. It is so important that, even when the children have been derilect in their diligence, the parents roll up their shirt sleeves, work with them, and help them (NOT do it all for them) with their project.

My suggestion is that when parents call, ask them is they have children who have projects due. If they do, ask them to have the children call and then they do the work together. I do not suggest having them have their children make an "F" to make a point. It has happened for generations.

It'll probably happen with you. Cut 'em some slack. Remember what's best for the children.

An Avid Fan!!!!

I know the time is going to come when my kids put off their homework too... I just hope for them and myself that it only happens once! In case you were wondering, I often put off my homework as a kid too. LOL


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