Friday, April 21, 2006

Kennett Visit Was Awesome!

I had a great day in Kennett today. This may sound corny, but it was nice to see the place almost unharmed after the F3 tornado (that hit Marmaduke) barely missed the city. I visited three places today. All three were different ages. All three "talks" I gave were very different. Here's how it went:

9:00 am---Church of God Daycare, 2-5 year-olders- We talked about weather safety, the tornado, and we hit the lights and sirens on the Wood Ford StormTracker!

10:30 am--- Elementary School, 2nd graders- We had a blast! They had the best welcome I have EVER had at a school!!! They had the hall decorated with K8 logos that said "Welcome Ryan Vaughan." They had the room decorated! They even sang me a custom made song about me giving them the forecast and keeping them safe! It actually made me blush! One of the kids who LOVES weather also had his birthday celebration today and we had a cake with a tornado on it! His name was Noah Furby, and he was my little helper as we did several science experiments and talked about weather safety. The teacher, Mrs. Prichett, also showed the class and myself video of the tornado from April 2. It was pretty wild! I REALLY had a good time... Those kids have a very caring and energetic teacher that is fired up about her job!

Noon--- At noon I went and spoke to the Kennett Lions Club at the Grecian Steak House. I presented them my PowerPoint presentation on the April 2nd tornado and showed them how blessed Kennett was that day. I made several friends at the Lions Club and actually plan to head back up there in the next week or so to tour the remaining damage from the storm throughout the Bootheel with some of the guys.

I made a connection with folks in Kennett and really look forward to the next time I get to go up there. I'll show some pictures of the visit Sunday night when I hit the airwaves again!

I better get to bed! It's 11:20 and I have to get up early tomorrow to go fly my remote control airplane before it gets too breezy!... Then I have to do yard work... Then it's off to the ASU/Troy baseball game!

Good Night,

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