Saturday, April 22, 2006

Someone Tricked Her...

I'm guessing that someone tricked this girl into thinking I would do her homework for her. Apparently she did not read my blog entry from a few weeks back... Click here if you missed it. I don't do people's homework.

Here's the email... I removed her name to protect her identity!

Hi Ryan.. My name is (some girl) and i have to do i project for school where we have to record the local weather conditions over a two week period.And this girl in my class told me that she emailed you and you sent her everything she needed to know. So i was wondering, We have to record the Highs and Lows, Precipitation, and Wind Speed. So if you have even the last two weeks weather conditions or this weeks that would be great. And if you cant do it its know problem, i just thought i would email you and give it a shot!
Thanks so much,
(some girl)

Here's my response:

I'm sorry (some girl), but I can't help you out. I would try a Google search to find your missing data. I will tell you that it can be found on the internet.

Take care and good luck on your homework,

Oh I wish these kiddos would just do their homework! I know my son will be in the same position one day and when that day comes we are going to have a long talk! All of these kids will thank me one day for not doing their homework for them.

Take care,

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