Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Please keep Eric Law and his wife Christina in your prayers. Eric is a fellow meteorologist and friend from Raycom sister-station, WLBT, in Jackson, MS. They we both injured in a car accident when a stolen SUV that was involved in a police chase, ran a light, and hit them at 75-90 mph. They are both blessed to be alive this evening.

Eric and I often trade notes about the forecast, graphics, and radar software. There is a good chance that something that has been shown on KAIT (or WSFA) came from a disscussion Eric and I had.

Please keep him and his wife in your prayers. They have a long road ahead of them as they recover. You can see more about the accident at www.wlbt.com



Stacy said...

Praying RIGHT NOW for Eric and Christina. Please keep us posted.

"The Glenifer" said...

We just watched the interview with your friend. I'm glad he spoke out about how dangerous it is when police chase people. It seems like it's always the innocent bystanders who get hurt. Sounds like the girl who hit them should have already been in jail.

I hope they have family there in Jackson. They will both be in our prayers.

Mom said...

I have just now and will continue to include them in my prayers. The shame of a repeat offender being out on the streets again and again is complicated. Remember when I worked as a court reporter in DUI Court and would come home and tell you that we had the same folks come back so often that they knew the court officers' names? When they'd get their license taken away, we would look out the front window of the courtroom and often see them driving away "sans driver's license" ...very scarey.
I do not know the solution to it.