Monday, June 12, 2006

Watching Alberto

It looks like Alberto will be making landfall just East of where we are... Today we went out to the beach to watch the rough surf. The water was churning, the sand was blowing around, and we occasionally had some squall lines come through. Here's a picture of my youngest son and me taking in the view...

Needless to say, the red flag was waving. We did not even get in the water, but we did do some playing in the sand at the base of that red flag that reminded us that Alberto was kicking up the sea!

The biggest problem of the day on the beaches of Destin were the rip currents... We obeyed the signs!

We still had a great time today. While the Tropical Storm is a nuisance, it is kind of cool to see.... Especially when you are not "too" close.
It did not stop anyone from digging in the sand!
And it did not stop anyone from dumping the sand on their head!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I bet when we go out the beach tomorrow... The waves will be REALLY rough! Before I go, I had to throw in a pic of my sister-in-law. She gave me a hard time for never putting her picture on the blog! Here she is waiting in the Van while my son and I watching a wind surfer braving the rough water! That dude was nuts!... Anywho, here's your picture Ami!!!!

Take care everyone!



Diane said...

I've been to Destin and Sandestin, and it is GORGEOUS!! Looks like y'all are having a great time. :-)

That computer model from June 7 was dead on!! And that was almost a week out, too. Mostly cloudy and cooler here today. I think it topped out about 82, and it's 71 at 10:50 pm.

Have a good time, and safe journey home. :-)

Mom said...

I am happy to see everyone having a good time on the beach today despite the oncoming weather that will be coming in a day or so...
what happy little beachgoers you have there!! Yet ... it gave me a little twinge of fear just seeing the photo of you and son #2 out on the beach there looking over across that choppy water today.
Love to all, Mom

Graciejo said...

It really is rude obnoxiuos and hateful for you to put those pictures up. I know you did it to torture me, YOU ARE ALL IN TROUBLE!!!!! lol, looks like you are havin a great time, and I just know you miss me bein there. See ya soon!!! Graciejo :)))

Aunt Faye said...

eeThe beach looks so nice, the clouds are awesome. You guys take some great pictures. I'm glad to see the boys and the Chloe having a good time. Hope you guys enjoyed your visit. Can't wait to see all of you when you get to Nashville. Keep smiling and having fun.