Friday, July 21, 2006

Inside 104.9 THE FOX!

As you know, I was on 104.9 THE FOX this morning. Here is a little video I took... It includes laughs, talks on the smoking ban and laughs, a phone call to Chris Castleman (morning meteorologist) and laughs, and a look at what Trey eats for breakfast (and laughs)!

Excuse the audio... it's a little funky!



Diane said...

Was that biscuits and gravy AND jelly...all together?!? Ewwwww...ick! :-)

And I don't smoke, but I could probably come up with something for a "vice break".....Hmmmm..... ;-)

Pam said...

How funny was that!!!!!!!

Trey Stafford said...

Ryan....enjoyed you coming by on Friday! What a blast! Keep up the great work!