Saturday, July 22, 2006

We Are Praying For You 875th!!!

We were all out along Highway 49 today to show our support to the soldiers of the 875th. For those of you that are not from this area or those of you that have not heard...they are heading to Iraq. It was an amazing site to see almost all of Paragould line Highway 49!!!

I can't imagine being one of these guys or gals. I can't imagine leaving my family. I can't imgagine being one of the immediate family members either. My brother-in-law is over there and I am so proud of him and his family who have stayed so strong while he has been away.

We're praying for you all!!!!

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Aunt Faye said...

it is good to see that many people on the side of the road supporting the guys like that. You that made them feel real good. I'm like you Ryan, I wouldn't want to be a wife, husband, mom or dad sending off my child or loved one like that. Our girls are strong and I pray for them just as much as I do for Tony. We all have to be strong for them and let them know that we are here for them at all times. I am very proud of Tony for what he is doing for us, so that we may do what we are doing everyday. I'm proud of Ami and the girls for them being brave and having to move so far away from family. I think about them everyday. I have gone on enough, my prayers are with the guys and there families.