Monday, July 10, 2006

New Links!

Hey folks.... Here are a couple of "programming notes".... I added a few new links to the left side of the page under "other blogs". Here are some of the new ones:

Wendy's BABYtalk- Self explanatory, she's having a baby!!!
AR TV News- Gossip about TV people in Arkansas! (I hope they are nice to me!)
KFSM weather blog- A weather blog from KFSM. Sarah's good friend works there!
KARN Newsradio- have not dug into much yet...
Lynch at Large- have not dug into much yet...
Nashville Files- funny guy from my old stomping grounds
Nashville Is Talking- VERY popular blog in Nashville!

Tell me what you think about the new blogs over there and drop me a line if you know of some interesting blogs! One last note... The blog is about to hit 100,000 page views!!! What should I do to celebrate????

Anywho, have a great evening and enjoy the rain!!!



Don Elkins said...

Ryan, nice blog. A good read, and we appreciate the link.. It was interesting looking at all the station-endorsed blogs from TN. My old station always freaked-out about my blog, but then I tend to get a little political, and they didn't like that. they weren't big fans of political coverage anyway. Again, thanks for the link, and we'll keep reading.

Mom said...

I have learned so many good things from various blogs! It's difficult to read all of them more than just occasionaly, but I make sure to read your blog and your sister's blog daily. Maybe you could make a little decal like McDonald's did many years ago saying over one million served? Just a thought.
Love, Mom

Stacy said...

If you come up with a prize of some sort that you could give to the 100000 visitor, I'll be sure to click refresh over and over until I win!

Just kidding :)

Are you able to see WHO is reading your blog? I have and LOVE it. I get TONS of hits from your blog and greatly appreciate it!

Here's to you for being a great blogger! :-D

Ryan said...

My counter is messed up... all it does now is counts. It's getting upgraded soon! Maybe at 100,000