Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poor Bush...

As many of you know... I am a Republican. Some of you may like that... and others may not. That's what makes the United States so great! Anywho, my Main Man, President Bush, has had a rough couple of weeks! Here are some clips in case you missed his latest FLUBS...

Bush Drops The S-Bomb on CNN (Parental Advisory)

Bush Insults a Blind Man

Daily Show Makes Fun of Bush For Insulting a Blind Man

Poor guy... It must really stink to be President! Maybe President Bush needs to be reminded of the Bible Verse my pastor spoke about this past Sunday(not referring to Bush) in church. It's Matthew 12:36... Look it up!

Have a good evening,


Amy in Alabama said...

I too am a Republican, and I am very proud of it. I think that President Bush's "flubs" make him even more likeable. It makes him seem alot more normal and down to earth than some lifetime politicians (no names need be mentioned) whose every word is so scripted.

Laura Bush said...

Here's a new one for you:

From the Daily Show: Bush puts a move on the leader of Germany.