Monday, July 17, 2006

Ridin' Dirty?

Is this what that rapper means when he talks about Ridin' Dirty? If so, we know all about it!

Take care!


"The Glenifer" said...

Aw, I've seen them both much dirtier than that! They didn't even have any Kool Aid stains on their faces.

Give them both a hug from Sissy.

Graciejo said...

Thats not dirty! Thats just fun!!! Future Nascar?????

Stacy said...

Y'all are too funny :)

I do have to admit that I was looking for a big splash through a mud puddle or something!

Diane said...

I was looking for a toy Uzi or a pile of dirt myself! I'm with Jen, I've kids a lot dirtier than that. They sure are cute, though. I kept looking for them to run into something while they were paying more attention to you than their driving. :-)

Mom said...

They look squeaky clean to me; did someone have on some messy pants or what??? I really enjoyed this little "cruising around" movie. Someday they will be doing that for real...just see how you feel then...oooohweeee.
Love, Mom/MeeMaw

David said...

I showed Zachary and he said "that's my buddy right there!" Very cute!!!!!!