Thursday, July 13, 2006

Talladega, Class Reunions, Struts, and An Angry Viewer

I just found out today that my class reunion is the same weekend as my trip to Talladega! What do I do? I would really like to see everyone, but I have planned on going to Talladega for a long time! Racing may have to win out..... Sorry classmates!!!!! I love yah!

In other news, I found a REALLY cool mechanic to fix the van. Check this out... I got a quote from him and decided to take the van in.... He called me back and told me that the parts were cheaper than what he thought and he could do it for $100 less! He didn't have to tell me that... But he did. How cool is that???

Also, did you see the person that flipped out in the "comments" section about not seeing their storm pictures on-air or online? I didn't use their pictures because I could not find the name of the sender! Plus, I can't show a hundered pictures at a time! They (producers) only give me 3 minutes for my weathercast and I don't want to spend all day posting pictures to the web! It's impossible to show everyone's pictures, even though I greatly appreciate viewers sending them to us....


Anywho, take care everyone!


Pam said...

You know, I work with the public and we always have unhappy people. The main reason for them being unhappy is because they do not get what they want, when they want, and they think they have to wait to long to receive what they want. You can't please everyone....and we have to do what our bosses/producers require if we want to keep our jobs.

I think I would have to go with Talladega also. The thrill of the race, theres nothing else like it!

Congratulations on getting the van fixed for less than the quote, how awesome is that!!

Brad and Becca said...

People irritate me to no end sometimes. They can be so short-sighted sometimes. Oh well, I quit trying to figure folks out long ago. It didn't do well for my blood pressure. Ryan, skip the reunion. It'll come back around in 5 or 10 years. Come sit with us on our new screened patio sometime!!!

"The Glenifer" said...

You know, I was thinking about it, and considering where we went to high school, I'm pretty sure you'll see more of your old buddies in Talladega than you will at the reunion.

Say "Hi" to Ricky Bobby for me if you see him at the track.


Andrew said...

Well a class reunion is a great thing, but on the other hand going to Talladega is also a great thing. Looks like you have a big decision to make. We know you will make the right one. BTY when you get back from the races post some pictures…

Sorry you couldn’t please everyone the other day with the weather pictures, it is sometimes a tough task making everyone happy, no matter how hard one tries.

Well Region 8 give ole Ryan a break and remember he is there for the weather, and his showing off our pictures on the news is just an added benefit to us.

Ryan THANKS for being a great “weatherguy”

jace said...

I’m with Anonymous there Ryan. I’m tired of sending you beautiful pictures of the midday sun, only to have it not posted. And I can’t believe you didn’t use the picture I took of a picture of one of my grandma’s paintings of a thunderstorm. While I don’t support the cowardly decision NOT to post their name, Anonymous, I agree that you should have at least used that picture of the thunderclap, which I submitted at least a dozen times!

Late (and in good fun),