Friday, July 14, 2006

Uh Oh....

It looks like the Mideast is getting even more unsettled! Have you watched National News today? It is stressing me out! Of course my oldest son, standing on a chair, eating red jello, and flinging it everywhere is also stressing me out!

I've got the day off, so I'm going to go do something productive to relax.

See yah,



Aunt Faye said...

I love the jello thing. Sure looks good to me. I love the way he is using the straw to eat it, if that's what you want to call it. Enjoy your relaxing, you guys need it. Have a good weekend, love to the family.

Andrew said...

Way to go Ryan you enjoy your day off. I am doinig the same.

Yes, I have been watching CNN most of the day. I still dont know what to think. All I know is if I were one of the 25,000 Americans over there I would be looking for a way out or a great big rock to hide under.

Aunt Faye said...

Remember is all you have to do is step back and take a deep breath. I love the jello thingy. Shad is a pretty smart young boy. He's eating jello on such a hot day. I love the way he is eating it with a straw. Don't worry, it will wash up.
Enjoy your days off. Just don't relax to much. Love to the family

Graciejo said...

That's my boy!!!!