Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mad Comment...

For those that don't read the comments, I just got this comment left under the "Attention Football Fans":

It's a shame the station can't live up to what you've promised because the stadium cam has NOT shown the stadium field in over three days and the turf is coming along nicely. Perhaps ASU should reconsider allowing that camera on their stadium tower.

I said in the original post that the camera would be pointed down "for a couple of days". I'm not being mean or a "Mr. Smarty Pants", but it's been almost a week now. We can't leave the camera pointing to the ground forever, especially at night. We try to be nice to the viewers by allowing them to see the workers put down the turf and it backfires on us.... Maybe I should have never shown the turf on the air last week on the news. I've learned my lesson.

Nobody would have even known it was installed if I had not been mentioned it on the news. I want to direct you to a viewer on TRIBAL GROUNDS that understands that the camera was not installed for "Turf Watch", but it is there to show the current weather conditions. CLICK HERE to see his comment on TRIBAL GROUNDS. While we are talking about Tribal Grounds... Click THIS link to see some photos a guy took of the new turf.

I want to say thanks to all of you that wrote nice emails thanking us for showing the turf installation for the period of time that we DID show it... Once again, we can't make everyone happy.... BUT, Thanks for reading the blog Mr. "anonymous" from Tyler, TX!


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Jace said...

I think the stadium camera should be facing straight up.

This would please nobody, that way everyone will be equally not happy.