Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sitting Around Watching Jimmy...

Since I have returned to the night shift and I have returned to ABC, I have started to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I honestly think Jimmy has a better show these days than Dave and Jay. I know that is a BOLD statement, but I'm serious! If you usually watch Jay, Dave, or Conan... switch to Jimmy one night and give it a whirl. Email me your thoughts or post in the comments section.

Anywho, I've been too busy to post much this week. I did notice that my blog was linked from a couple of Nashville blogs. The page hits have really shot up! LOL

I took the day off today to get caught up on some things around the house. I changed the oil in the truck, cleaned the garage, and cleaned the van. I still need to mow the backyard and change the oil in van. At lease I'm off tomorrow too... The grass needs to mowed before the rain moves in! Sarah just did the late night weather update and it still looks like the rain is coming! Despite what you may think, I do not look at data muchon my day off. I get the weather from the TV too!

Ok, I told you would talk about a few other items today... including Bunko. My wife played Bunko in Alabama and was crushed when she found out that none of her friends back here played Bunko. Well... Guess what? She started a group here! For those of you in Alabama, you may remember that her Bunko group made the NEWS one night... We'll see if the Arkansas Bunko group makes the airwaves too.

I was also going to talk about the Ramsey case, but I am still confused about it. I DO know one thing though... John Marc Karr is a weird and freaky dude! If nothing else, he needs to be charged with several counts of "creepiness"!

Well, I have babbled enough for now. Maybe I'll video blog tomorrow... Who knows. Maybe I will video blog while changing the oil or mowing the grass... That might be difficult. Maybe as difficult as Blakes' Video Blog this week.

Take care and thanks for sitting here and and watching TV with me,



Graciejo said...

Glad you're back! Kimmell is great! I agree better that Jay, Dave or Conan with their inflated egos, anyway....I have a list of people that could be held on creepiness charges, great idea!! And.....where are the boys? Bunko on Jenn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

conan has an inflated ego? You must not watch conan. I agree, Jimmy is good, but Conan is brilliant

Anonymous said...

I think John Marc Karr is very creepy and I think the truth is going to come out - and the truth is that he did not kill JonBenet; the parents had something to do with it all along.

So glad you are blogging again!!

Anonymous said...

I saw that JonBenet's dad was planning on leaving the country. Says he can't deal with all the media....Hmmmmmmm? Am I the only person that thinks this is a little suspicious?

Anonymous said...

The Bunko group in Alabama misses Jenn.