Saturday, August 26, 2006

We Interrupt This Blog For...

We interrupt this blog for some important HURRICANE information. Half of my viewers are from a hurricane-threatened-Alabama and the other half are still interested in hurricanes.

bold statement coming--->> I think we are seeing the formation of the first landfalling hurricane of the season. Tropical Storm Ernesto looks to be the "real" deal. Where is it going? Well, it is WAY too early to tell for sure, but the North Central Gulf Coast needs to watch this booger! If the model above (click to enlarge) has it's way from this last computer run, then Alabama may have a doozy on their hands!

Below is another computer model from the Canadians... It has Ernesto coming into New Orleans! That would not be good, but what do Canadians know about hurricanes??? <<<-- Weather Geek humor.

Anywho, we'll watch this one closely.... As many of you know, my in-laws live in the Florida Panhandle. I'm sure they would not want the top model (GFDL) to verify. That would have a Cat 3 Hurricane on top of them by Thursday or Friday. If you guys are reading this... we have some room for you in Arkansas if you need it!

Heck, I may end up back at WSFA or at WLBT (Jackson) helping out our sister stations if one of of these scenarios happen! Stay Tuned!

Take care everyone,



Andrew said...

Well Just viewed the 5AM projected path from NHC looks like Tampa is in the path now...But we all know that can change..

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad its not Hurricane Deb thats threatening to shake up the coast!!!!!!